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What do the Guildford Mukono Link do?

In 2003 we celebrated with the First Lady of Uganda the formation of The Guildford Mukono Link at a reception in the Guildhall on Guildford’s High Street. The purpose of the Link is to connect the people of Guildford and Mukono in friendship links with compatible organisations.


Guildford, United Kingdom


Guildford is a Borough 30 miles to the South West of London within the North Downs area of outstanding natural beauty. The population is 130,000 half of which live in the town of Guildford and the remainder in smaller villages and towns surrounded by countryside. The total area is around 100 sq miles



Mukono, Uganda

Mukono is a large district some 20 miles to the East of Kampala. It has a population of around 550,000 of which some 60,000 live in the town of Mukono – the remainder live in smaller villages and towns. It is very rural and the town is on the main highway from Mombasa (the main port of Kenya) through Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is just North of the equator with Lake Victoria to the South. The nearby town of Jinja has been named as the Source of the Nile.


The main languages spoken in Mukono District are Luganda and English. Luganda, one of the Bantu group of languages, is largely spoken at home. Like other Bantu languages the nouns are made up of a stem and prefixes, thus from the stem Ganda, Buganda is the historical country. Muganda is a native of Buganda, Baganda is the plural of Muganda, Luganda is the language spoken by the Baganda. Uganda (the name given to the modern country as a whole) is the Swahili version of Buganda.

Uganda does not have a natural national language (unlike Kenya and Tanzania with Swahili) and there are over 30 tribal languages. So English has been made the official language of government and business. English is taught in Primary School and is the language of instruction in Secondary School.

The Guildford Mukono Link News Blog

You will find all our news about recent progress and latest developments in our Guildford Mukono Link News Blog.


Mukono District lies just north of the Equator in the Central Region of Uganda, between the capital, Kampala, and the second largest city, Jinja. It has Luwero and Kayunga Districts to the North, Kampala and Wakiso to the West, Jinja to the East, and Lake Victoria to the South.



Tamsy Baker Chair
Mahindra Nathoo Hon Treasurer
Sally Edie Hon Secretary (1)
Susan Wilbraham Hon Secretary (2)
Angela Gunning
Kevin Gawley
Caroline Reeves
Jamie Kasasa


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