Wendy Shephard Education Fund



The Guildford Mukono Link was established in 2003.  The link has been formed to connect the people of Guildford (UK) and Mukono (Uganda). Guildford is one of the wealthiest towns in the UK and has an enviable reputation for the excellence of its state schools.  Mukono, is a medium sized town in Uganda, which is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The education link is a special sub-group linking schools in Guildford with schools in the Mukono District: Busenya, Mukono Boarding School, St Kizito, Namawojjolo, and Mbalala.  Over the years these links have strengthened and deepened.  There have been special projects such as the Guildford Mukono Sports Centre, The Mukono Arts Centre, the Sallie Library and sponsored students. Those involved with the raising of funds and implementation of the projects, have spoken with passion of the better understanding they now have of issues facing students and teachers in Mukono.  The partnership has enriched both sides.  In Guildford we now have a greater understanding of the funding problems facing schools and students in Mukono.  In Mukono, projects have been completed which have practical and positive outcomes and which make a real difference to students lives.

Wendy Shephard 

Wendy was an infant school teacher who started her teaching caree

Children racing in Mukono
Children racing in Mukono

r in Nigeria.  She had a profound love of her work and all children.  She was one of those teachers that believed every child has infinite potential and that education is the most powerful thing. It therefore seems fitting that her daughter and son-in-law should establish a fund that will further those values and help students in Uganda.  Kate and Manni are Guildford residents, and were delighted to find an educational link between Guildford and Mukono that they can support in this special way by starting The Fund.

The objectives of the Fund are simple:  To raise sufficient money to take a student from age 5 to 17.  The cost of this is estimated to be £400 per child.  This includes tuition, books, uniforms and lunches.  The student will be funded from start to finish and will have certainty that his/her education will be completed.

There will be regular reporting to the trustees to ensure that the students are making progress and pursuing their studies.  There will be local representation in Mukono by educational experts, who are known to us and respected by us. This will ensure that places are awarded fairly, and that students are appropriately supported throughout their time at school. The students who benefit from this support will be encouraged to stay in touch with us, so that we can get to know them and follow their individual progress more closely.

We aim to launch this project in February 2017.  We are so excited to be able to support Wendy’s core values in this way.  We know that she would be thrilled to think that education in Mukono is being supported in this very practical way.


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